HR Process

NJP Service has a rigorous HR process, which ensures that you get better recruitment solutions and efficient employees to fit within your corporate culture. Our HR process is not about finding people but about finding the right people. Our human resource process includes:

4.1     Database Related Services

NJP Service maintains a large data bank of jobseekers that is sorted and indexed on many parameters, which makes match the needs of clients just a few keywords away. Each of our valued clients is assigned a consultant who ensures that all the client’s demands are fully satisfied.


4.2     Global Reach
NJP Service identifies potential candidate on a client’s necessity by industry, profession and profile. For all overseas requests, the respective associate, as per the desired criteria, monitors applications.

4.3     Searching Candidate

NJP Service uses both new world solutions and old media to ensure the best match for our clients employment demands. The Internet and regional media plays a big role in attracting the best talents to our doorsteps.

4.4     Short Listing Candidates

NJP Service conducts pre-selection interviews to evaluate candidates on two main criteria: professional knowledge and individual adaptability in a prospective organization. We also can arrange telephonic or personal interviews of candidates if our clients so desire.


4.5     After Hiring

NJP Service goes beyond short listing candidates. We also assist you throughout the hiring process. Once you have selected the right candidates, they are required to take a compulsory medical fitness test. On receiving appointment letters, all necessary documents are processed immediately by us.


4.6    Pricing Methodology

Even though, Quality staff matters in this Job placement. Pricing has also important role to determine organizational standard costing .Therefore NJP Service Pvt.Ltd. has following pricing policy.We are taking 50% at salary of recruited staff as our granting.

In spite of this, If any staffs leaves within three month period, we our self-send another staff as grantee. So that your organization may not suffer due to employee turnover.